Google Maps offering live transit departure times in some cities

It’s been exciting to watch as Google Maps becomes more and more useful. Remember the time it added bike lanes? And of course who can forget the addition of real-time traffic. Now, the map service has made the first move toward including real-time public transit information, too.

Folks in New York and Salt Lake City are the first to have access to this feature, while those in Washington, D.C. get a watered-down version. Hopefully, though, this will spread across the country because it looks fantastic. The service offers real-time arrival and departure information for city buses, subways and trains. The display is integrated into the map itself, so if you’re using your phone to get around, it's easy to keep an eye on how much time you’ve got to catch that train.

There’s no information on when other cities can expect the service (presuming Google decides to move forward with the program), but here’s hoping it’s soon.

Google Maps, via NBC

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