Projected angles take guesswork out of pool for beginners

Pool Tutor
Credit: YouTube

Anyone who has met me knows that I suck at pool. I just don't have the ability to visualise what is needed to sink a shot in my head. That's why this invention that outlines the ideal shot via a projected path of angles on the table caught my eye.

The system uses a ceiling mounted camera that reads the borders of the table, the location of the cue ball, the angle of the pool cue, and uses on-the-fly game processing to map out the perfect angles on the table for the player to follow. This means, in theory, the player only has to use their own hand-eye coordination to follow the lines on the table to hit the ball and sink it.

It's called PoolLiveAid and it is a project by Luise Sousa, Ricardo Alves, and J.M.F. Rodigues of the University of Algarve in Portugal. The student beta project was created for a conference so it remains a prototype.

This type of basic instruction would be perfect for a novice like myself who needs the help in understanding how to set up a shot. Still as most players will tell you, there are other nuances to pool that a person needs to master - even to make this basic learning tool work. Things like how to hold the cue, controlling the targeting of the ball, and the speed of the hit are all things that factor into making a shot.

But, with a complicated game like pool, having a basic tutor like this to could help a beginner gain confidence in the basics of visualisation and understanding trajectories to enable them to take the first step in starting the game. Since this is only a student project we'll have to wait and see if it pops up in basements or the back of pool halls around the world to give desperate newbies like myself a boost when first tackling the game.

Via Gizmodo, Reddit