Now you can buy Einstein's face in a petri dish

Credit: Zachary Copfer

Last June, DVICE brought you the story of Zachary Copfer, the bacteriologist who dreamed of being an artist. Well, now he's back and this time he'd like you to have one of his unique pieces of art that he's selling through his Kickstarter campaign.

It turns out Copfer is a recent graduate and no longer has access to some of the super cool technology that he uses to create his works of art. That's a real bummer, since he claims to have invented at least one step of the process himself.

The process of developing bacteria photography is also known as "Bacteriography." Here's how it works: First he grows the bacteria through a process similar to dark room photography. Then he exposes the plate to radiation, killing the bacteria and preserving the image. Next he preserves the plate in resin.

That resin step is the one Copfer says he invented. It's meant to encapsulate the now-dead bacteria in a medium so tough that you'd need a jackhammer to get through it. That's a crucial step, since the bacteria Copfer uses to grow these cool designs are E. Coli and Serratia marcescens, both human pathogens. Think this all sounds pretty neat? Head on over to Kickstarter, where you can order up a dish or a print of Copfer's work.

Kickstarter, via Mashable

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