High speed images of balloons bursting open

We've seen some pretty sweet balloon popping action before, but we never tire of these quirky high speed photos. This particular series comes from photographer Scott Dickson, who rigged his own studio to capture each spattering balloons at just the right moment.

Here, Dickson explains his set-up:

I made a small rig which consisted of a long metal rod which had the end slightly sharpened. This rod was affixed to a stand and positioned under tension from a rubber band. A manual release lever was also constructed, and connected via fishing line, to an area near the front of the screen. This would enable release of the rod from a position near the camera, enabling one person operation for the whole setup. When the fishing line was pulled, this released the lever and the rod fired through a hole in the back of the screen, piercing the water balloon.

This seems like a lot of work to get a good shot of a balloon popping, but timing is probably the most crucial element in high speed photography. And he's not complaining: "I enjoyed making these photos. The rig took some work to build and adjust for repeatable results, however, I enjoyed the challenge and was quite pleased with the results."

View Dickson's work in the gallery below. Kinda makes you wanna have a water balloon fight, right?

Via Telegraph

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