3D-printed Google Glass lets you pretend to be an elite geek

Credit: Thingiverse

While some of us are still wondering how so many people can be so eager to publicly ask for permission to pay $1,500 for a device they've never touched, others understand the excitement and secretly can't wait to join the still exclusive club of Google Glass users. Latching onto that excitement, a couple of Amsterdam-based techies decided to forgo the invitation from Google and start wearing Glass on their own, sort of.

New media artist Sander Veenhof and Interactive designer Klasien van de Zandschulp were recently spotted in Amsterdam wearing what appeared to be Google Glass. However, upon further inspection, it turns out that the devices were, in fact, merely 3D-printed replicas of the much talked about device. Printed on an Ultimaker 3D printer, to the untrained eye, the replica could easily be mistaken for the real thing, thus instantly giving you that insider Google brain trust cred you know you want.

So whether you're a social scientist looking to test the public's reaction or simply a blatant poseur hoping people will ask you "how'd you get one?!", you can now sample a taste of what walking around in public with Google Glass is like before the device is widely available. You can download the 3D designs here, or you could show some self-respect and build a pair that actually works.

Thingiverse, via The Verge

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