Rare Steve Jobs photos capture his return to Apple in 1996

The long and winding history of Apple was riddled with painful ups and downs for the company's late co-founder Steve Jobs. But no day was sweeter than the day in 1996 when Jobs returned to the company that had fired him years before. This week, one of Apple's old employees managed to dig up a few photos from that day, offering a rare glimpse at a piece of Apple history as it took place.

Shot with an old Apple QuickTake camera, the images show Jobs smiling and interacting with employees as he attends an Apple Town Hall meeting on December, 20, 1996. According to the photographer, Tim Holmes, working then as Mac OS evangelism manager for Apple, the distorted colors shown as purple are actually black.

Commenting on his Flickr page, Holmes recalls the mood surrounding the then beleaguered company, writing: "Like many of that era at Apple, prior to this night I was literally having to consider living life without Macs, and therefore with Windows, and what that meant for the future. At the same time pondering what I could do for a living if Apple went under."

You can see more of Jobs' historic return to Apple in the gallery below, and at Holmes' Flickr page

Via DaringFireball

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