Video: PAX East 2013's weekend of gaming in three minutes

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Last weekend's three-day PAX East convention gave the public a chance to party it up in Boston's Convention and Exhibition Center. If you've never been, it's kind of like a mini E3, except it's open to the public, as opposed to only letting industry peeps in.

As with any of these geeky gatherings, there were a ton of video games available for show and play on more consoles and PCs than we could count. But PAX East wasn't just about video games, there were plenty of cosplayers showing off their costumes, board and card gamers, collectors, and not to mention, long lines for just about everything.

We walked the convention halls from end-to-end, and below is the video reel to prove it. Some hardware highlights from PAX East 2013 include NVIDIA's Project Shield, Stinky Footboard PC controller, and the Razer Edge Pro.

Video by Raymond Wong for DVICE. Music: "Straight Into The Light" by AlexBeroza.

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