Super thin prototype e-ink smartwatch could be an iWatch preview

The talk surrounding Apple's rumored iWatch has become so intense that suddenly every other device maker — Samsung, LG, and even Google — seems poised to announce a supposedly groundbreaking smartwatch. However, the reality of designing and then successfully bringing such a device to market is far more challenging than the myriad of rumors suggest.

Hoping to give us a realistic view of what at least one version of such a device might look like, e-ink device developer Plastic Logic has unveiled its own slick concept smartwatch. Featuring a color and grayscale e-ink display, the ultra-thin smartwatch concept shows off a number of possible uses such as heart rate tracking, phone connectivity, email retrieval, and QR code functionality.

Although the video delivers an effective presentation of the device's capabilities, Plastic Logic is careful to point out that, "This is not yet a product, but rather a demonstration of the revolutionary design concepts enabled by Plastic Logic's flexible plastic displays." Nevertheless, the thin, wrap-around device is the perhaps the best, most realistic look we've had at something resembling the numerous smartwatches being teased by some of the leading tech giants. Step aside, Pebble!

You can view Plastic Logic's smartwatch concept demonstration in the video below. 

Via Pocket-Lint

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