Seafaring drones could be the best hope for drowning victims

Credit: RTS Lab

We've seen a good deal of video demonstrations of how quadrocopters can be used to do everything from light up the night sky with amazing messages, to swoop down on unsuspecting criminals. But a new development offers a different, far more practical vision of the future of drones — as rescue robots.

The Savior Aerial robot is a quadrocopter concept robot designed for emergencies at sea. The quadrocopter-style robot would be equipped with three life preservers that could be dropped down to drowning victims, and would feature heat-sensing cameras to detect the presence of victims during night missions. Each drone would also be equipped with GPS and operate by charging its batteries at a solar-powered charging station on a nearby ship.

Although the designers claim that the robot is currently in development, no launch date has been announced. You can take a closer look at the Savior Aerial robot in the gallery below.

Via Robots

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