Retrofit your old speakers with this little add-on cube

Credit: paul cocksedge

Speakers used to be a hassle. Jumbles of wires and tiny connectors would stretch across floors and up walls just so that you could enjoy a record. And then Bluetooth arrived and saved humanity from the wires. But what are we to do with all of those old speakers — those great sounding, pricey hunks of hardware that we spent so long acquiring and cherishing? Aside from sending them off to rock god Valhalla, that is.

Designed by Paul Cocksedge in London, U.K.,The Vamp — a fun little gadget that is currently funding on Kickstarter — brings those old bits of hardware current once more. Just plug The Vamp into whatever speaker you might have laying around, and presto changeo, you've got a Bluetooth speaker. One that comes complete with its own power supply. You can even easily swap one speaker for another while The Vamp is paired with your device.

DVICE audio expert Michael Trei does have a few doubts when it comes to the sound quality The Vamp can produce. Bluetooth is, after all, notorious for poor overall audio quality. And there are some viable alternatives when it comes to pulling the plug on speaker wires. That being said, however, The Vamp is still pretty cool.

The Vamp can be charged by micro USB and connects to speakers via either wire connection or 3.5mm audio input. They're currently going for around $53 during the Kickstarter campaign ($68 if you live outside the U.K.). It looks like there's going to be a price hike after the fundraiser ends, so if you want The Vamp for your very own, it looks like now's the time to buy.

Via Kickstarter

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