Get your Belgian chocolate fix with these lickable stamps

If you ask people what Belgium is best known for, most will come up with Belgian chocolate, French fries, waffles and Stella Artois beer. Belgian chocolates are a particular favorite of mine, but they tend to be pretty pricey. Now you can get a little sample of that legendary taste by simply licking a few stamps.

The series of five stamps gets its chocolately flavor from an infusion of a little cacao oil in both the ink used to print the image, and the glue that you lick on the back. That way, both the sender and the recipient get some of that Belgian chocolate goodness. Belgian stamp collector Marie-Claire Verstichel tried them out and declared that the taste was a little disappointing, but that the smell was good.

In Belgium, a sheet of the five stamps costs about $8, which is actually a bit of a premium over their five Euro face value. Then again, Belgian chocolate always costs a little more.

Via Huffington Post

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