Your next package could be delivered by drone

Credit: Parrot

Say you live in a remote part of the world, a place where you might have to walk several miles to get access to clean water. California-based startup, Matternet, is working on ways to improve daily life for these individuals.

Here's Matternet on their vision: "We are creating the next paradigm for transportation using a network of unmanned aerial vehicles." In other words, the company would send electric quadcopters to developing countries and help deliver supplies to areas that might have limited road access during six-month-long rainy seasons. So, rather than walking for hours to get medicine, the quadcopter could drop off packages a lot closer to a person's home.

This all sounds pretty good, but there are Federal Aviation Administration regulations keeping many of the drones on the ground. It might be a while before the aviation rules set aside for commercial drone flights are changed in any major way, but Matternet is working on small-scale changes and is already making strides in the Dominican Republic.

If Matternet's vision were widely adopted, the current postal delivery service could have some tough competition.

Vimeo, via Huffington Post

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