Puzzle Keyboard lets you rearrange keys to your liking

Credit: Wan Fu Chun

Puzzle Keyboard is a design by Wan Fu Chun that takes a modular approach to typing. It's truly a custom keyboard that fits your needs. If there are a handful of keys that you never touch on that traditional QWERTY board, then just remove them from sight. It simplifies the layout and makes better use of space.

I guess a modular keyboard would make typing more efficient, except that most of us have grown so accustomed to the "regular" QWERTY or AZERTY (French) layout. Wouldn't it be more of a pain to teach your brain and fingers an entirely new typing style? At the same time, is there a layout that works better for lefties or for folks prone to stress injuries? Maybe there's a more ergonomic way to type and we just haven't experimented enough.

It seems a bit high maintenance, but we are spending more and more time using keyboards. So, maybe a Wan Fu Chun's keyboard isn't that fussy after all? You can see a sample of various layouts in the gallery below.

Via Yanko Design

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