World's tiniest cellphone charger is barely larger than a quarter

Credit: Devotec Industries

Once in a while smartphones wear their batteries out. Okay, make that often. What does happen once in a while is the need for a few extra minutes of juice, even though your phone has crapped out. An emergency. Maybe that emergency is staying on the phone while you call for a tow truck. Maybe it's finishing up an email to a prospective employer. Maybe it's even sending one more text message.

In any case, those few minutes are crucial. And Fuel has your back. Designed by Devotec, a company familiar with the mobile charger market, Fuel measures in at just over one inch tall and half an inch wide. That's pretty tiny. The mini Fuel "can" will easily fit onto a keychain or in a small pocket. The drawback that comes with such a small profile, of course, is battery life.

In testing, Fuel has been capable of running smartphones for between 20 and 30 minutes. Hardly a full charge. So, in carrying and using Fuel, people will have to remember that it is indeed meant for emergencies, something that is reinforced by the gadget's tiny die-cast casing. It's adorable, isn't it?

Inside the casing, Fuel is packing a 5C lithium-ion battery, rated at 220mAh. It connects with your phone and its charger through micro-USB and notifies you of its power supply status via a trio of colored LEDs. There is also an on/off switch that tells the battery when to discharge. Fuel is still funding on Kickstarter, with every indication of becoming a reality. As of this writing, units are still being sold as backer rewards at a discounted rate, so go grab one!

Via Kickstarter

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