Wi-Fi Posters mix wireless access with movie marketing

For many big city mobile users, Starbucks often functions as a kind of free Wi-Fi watering hole, drawing in hundreds of users on a daily basis, creating something of a culture around the expensive bean juice and elevator music soundtrack. But a new innovation being shown off in South Korea might kick off a trend that could pull Wi-Fi users closer to Hollywood.

The product is called a Wi-Fi Poster and it does exactly what its name indicates, providing wireless access when mobile users are in close proximity to a particular movie poster. Created by creative agency Cheil for South Korea film studio CJ Entertainment, the Wi-Fi Posters use the name of the film being promoted as the name of its Wi-Fi network. Once connected, users can view associated trailers and detailed movie information from their wireless devices.

It's unclear whether or not the access points allow users to surf to other, non-movie associated sites, but the foundation of the idea offers a look at a possible way to steer the Wi-Fi center of gravity in cities away from pricey coffee shops, and more toward new spaces where users might be grouped organically, according their interests in particular film genres or series. Imagine a Star Trek Wi-Fi poster area and suddenly this simple construct sounds a lot more interesting.

The video promoting the new service is actually produced in a way that mimics traditional Hollywood blockbuster films, complete with gravelly voice-over and graphics designed to instill a sense of suspense. You can check out the "trailer" for the Wi-Fi Poster in the video below.


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