Star Trek stunt raises quadrotors, awareness across London

Credit: Pocket-lint

On Saturday night, just before Earth Hour, 30 quadrotors took off from the banks of the river Thames in London. From there, they soared to between 118 and 426 feet into the sky, lit up and got into formation. What that formation created was a 300 foot tall, rotating Star Trek insignia.

The stunt was part of Paramount's ad campaign for their new film Star Trek Into Darkness. A fitting motif for the evening, being that Earth Hour is an international time of dimming the lights to conserve energy. Of moving into darkness, if you will. As Earth Hour drew nigh, the quadrotors gently fell to earth and doused their lights.

“Millions of people around the world take part in Earth Hour year on year and we’re always looking for innovative ways to get our message out there. It’s fantastic that Paramount has chosen to mark the hour by dimming their lights at this unusual light display.” — Kellie Rollings, World Wildlife Foundation

Fantastic, indeed. Check out the video below for the full effect, and catch Star Trek Into Darkness May 17th.

Star Trek, via Pocket-lint

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