MiiPC: A $99 PC parents can lock down via smartphone, anytime

Credit: ZeroDesktop, Inc

Kids need the Internet. They need it for social media, games and sometimes even homework. But for parents, allowing those kids access to the Internet — and all that it has to offer — can be a terrifying prospect. Kids can play games when they're supposed to be studying, watch films they aren't ready for and get into all manner of mischief online.

That's where MiiPC comes in. Reminiscent in design to the successful Ouya, MiiPC is an Android-based mini PC for kids and parents. Kids have access to a Web browser, 700,000 apps in the Google Play app store, HD video streaming and a suite of office software.

Parents get an included smartphone app which allows for easy monitoring and real-time permission control. If a kid finds a website that they shouldn't have, parents can lock it down. If they're gaming when they're supposed to be studying, the game can be switched off until the homework is done. If there are multiple kids in the household, MiiPC offers multiple customizable permissions for each kid — so the tween in the house doesn't have to conform to the 7-year-old's restrictions.

Under the hood, MiiPC offers a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. While that kind of hardware isn't what we'd call a PC gamer's dream, it isn't designed to be. And for just under $100, MiiPC is a great teaching tool for parents everywhere.

Via Kickstarter

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