Anti-Drone tech promises to make you invisible to flying robots

Credit: Dkroetsch / Wikimedia Commons

By now, it should be clear to anyone paying even passing attention to local news that domestic drones are about to become a privacy issue. This somewhat controversial development was recently highlighted by New York Mayor Bloomberg. Anticipating the possibly negative public backlash to these impending robotic eyes in the sky, one company has come up with a solution that will allow anyone to disappear from the prying eyes of drones with a flick of a switch. 

The company is called Domestic Drone Countermeasures, and its engineers claim to have invented a secret technology that will allow anyone to instantly make their home invisible to aerial drones. According to the description of the technology, the anti-drone measures won't cause the drones to fall out of the sky, but the company says that the drone's ability to surveil its target will be crippled. 

And while it's likely that this product will receive heavy interest from individuals, the company appears to be positioning this solution as more of a way for private companies to guard against corporate espionage rather than as a means for private citizens to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, if things play out as current law enforcement trends indicate, we wouldn't be surprised to see legislation against private anti-drone device use in the coming years. 

Although the company hasn't revealed what the device looks like or how exactly it works, in a recent news report one of the its engineers, Tim Faucett, can be seen standing in front of equipment that presumably makes up one of the anti-drone devices. You can check out the report featuring Faucett promoting the drone-defeating technology in the video below. 

Via US News

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