Taxis now take soda vending machines along for the ride

Taxi Vending Machine
Credit: via Gizmodo

We're pretty vending machine obsessed here at DVICE. We love the unbelievable items, and strange purchasing methods the vending machine gods give us. Now we're all about location with the news that a New Orleans taxi company is offering soft drink vending machine services via one of their specially outfitted cabs.

It starts with a familiar process - just choose your favorite soda via a touchscreen and for a dollar you'll set the wheels in motion. That's where the similarity to regular vending ends. A refrigerated compartment behind the passenger headrest will release the soda can which appears to end up on the door for pick up.

The rolling vending machines have been tested for the past six months and can be found in the Orleans Carriage Cab fleet in the Big Easy, with reported roll outs in the works for Chicago and New York.

As part of the vending machine obsessed community I like the idea of being able to grab a drink during my ride, and I'm viewing it as a crucial first step in taxi cab convenience sales. I will be waiting patiently for technology to catch up to my dream of ordering up hot french fries or a slice on my 2 a.m. rides home.

PSFK, via Gizmodo