Quirky camera aims to ease battery woes with alternative charging

Credit: AC Gears

This little camera is billed by Japanese maker, Superheadz, as the first "self-generation" digital camera. That means you never have to worry about batteries losing their life while you are out on a nature hike — you can either rely on its solar panel or a retractable hand crank that provides a kinetic energy charge to keep you powered up. Plus, if you really need it, there is a USB port to boost that charging.

The "Sun & Cloud" camera is an odd mix of retro design and modern thinking. It comes with a three-megapixel sensor with three shooting modes: normal, portrait and macro. It also has 15 Instagram-esque filters built in, as well as an LED light for night shots. Like most digital cameras, this guy shoots video, too. Media is stored on a micro SD card up to 2GB or a micro SDHC card up to 16GB.

Superheadz's camera is reminiscent of a tiny 1950's-era square Brownie camera. That means that although it is small (6 x 6 x 8-inches), it's a bit awkward to put in your pocket. And while it lacks in options that traditional digital cameras offer, some may love the old school look and feel and alternative energy capabilities over the extras.

Essentially with the Sun & Cloud digital camera, it's up to the user to choose form over function. The camera retails for $200.

AC Gears, via Inhabitat