Stephen Hawking meets Morgan Freeman at the LHC

So "the voice of God" and the master of black holes walk into a giant cave with a mysterious Russian billionaire. No, this isn't the premise of a new science fiction novel or a really bad joke. Actually, it's just another day on planet Earth. 

This week, actor Morgan Freeman, the man most often tapped to play "the voice of God" in movies, visited the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as part of his trip to host the Fundamental Physics Prize ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland. Created by Silicon Valley super investor Yuri Milner, the prize is designed to recognize pioneers and innovators in the world of physics.

This year's winner is Alexander Polyakov, honored for his discoveries related to string theory. Also honored at the ceremony was Stephen Hawking, along with the leaders of the LHC project. All of the prize winners were awarded $3 million each to help further their research.

Commenting on the award, Milner said, "the Fundamental Physics Prize celebrates what is possible in humanity's quest to understand the deepest questions of the universe. It is humbling to be surrounded by so much brain power and I’m excited by the promise of future discovery they represent." 

You can check out Freeman doing his bit to promote science at the LHC in the video below. 


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