Finally, spray on paint that'll make everything glow in the dark

Credit: LumiLor

You know how when you're a kid and glow-in-the-dark toys are like the best thing ever, except the only problem is that all of your other stuff doesn't glow? Well, a company has revealed a special paint that can illuminate any pattern, print or object with absolutely fantastic results.

LumiLor's "patent-pending" permanent electroluminescent paint lights up when an electric current is sent through it. LumiLor's website says the paint, which goes by the same name, "will illuminate any surface brightly, and is capable of being custom-animated to flash in sequenced, strobed, and sound-activated modes."

The company claims the electroluminescent paint is bonded to applied surfaces so tightly that "it appears as if the object itself is emitting light." And best of all, LumiLor can be sprayed onto any surface, be it fiberglass, plastic, metal, or wood.

As some YouTube commenters have already mentioned, this kind of paint could make car and motorcycle decals really pop at night. Take a look for yourself the magical illuminating coating in the video below and be amazed, or scared, or whatever.

Lumilor, via BoingBoing

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