Anamorphic illusions create one-of-a-kind works of art

Anamorphic art only looks the way the artist intended from a very specific angle. If you view it from the "wrong" perspective, you'll see a mass of jumbled colors and fractured geometric shapes rather than a single, harmonious piece of work. What sets this style of art apart from more traditional mediums is where and how paint is used. Instead of painting on a flat surface like canvas, anamorphic illusions are created against cityscapes or out in nature. It's a very interesting approach to art and Felice Varini has been perfecting it since the 1970s.

To achieve the desired effect, Varini paints directly onto objects, like the external facade of a building or an interior stairwell. And although folks have been playing around with anamorphic installations since the early Renaissance, Varini's work has a decidedly modern vibe. View a selection of his work in the gallery below, but be sure to visit his website for dozens of mind-bending anamoprhic illusions.

Felice Varini, via io9

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