Video: Quadrotor getting zapped between two Tesla coils

Thanks to affordable options like Parrot's AR.drone, quadrotors have become all the rage over the last several years. The same goes for Tesla coils. YouTube user "teslauniverse" decided to see what happens when the two are combined, and all we can say is it's frikkin' sweet.

As part of his set-up for the Western Winter Teslathon, Teslanuniverse put a quadrotor in a Faraday cage and let it loose between two Tesla coils. Without the cage the quadrotor's circuits would instantly get fried by the electricity.

The buzzing sure is annoying and we kinda wish that the quadrotor did something cool, like play the James bond theme, but it's still a neat trick. Maybe just pretend it's playing the James Bond theme in your head. Yeah, that should work.

You can see part one here:

And part two here:

YouTube, via Laughing Squid

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