Smart bike headlamp projects info onto the road ahead

We've all seen those head-up displays that you get in fancy cars or fighter jets, but when you're on a bike, it's usually just you and the wind. This computer-controlled bike info system fixes that by providing a visible, flexible source of data as you ride.

The system includes an LED video projector that can splash data onto the road ahead of your bike, using sensors and a Raspberry Pi computer. For this initial test it was fed data from a speed sensor attached to the wheel hub, but designer Matt Richardson says it can be adapted to display all kinds of data. Connected to a GPS, for example, it could display maps or turn-by-turn directions, time and distance to your destination, or even warnings about approaching vehicles.

Matt's next task is to take the cobbled-together prototype and turn it into a more compact integrated unit, but we're wondering whether something like Google Glass could soon make it all obsolete.

Check out the video to see Matt testing the prototype system.

YouTube, via Treehugger

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