China completes new spaceship-esque conference center

The Dalian International Conference Center in Northeast China is a gorgeous steel and concrete structure designed by Austrian firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. Construction began on this unique, undulating building back in 2008 and was recently finished. Its futuristic facade and cavernous rooms bring a ton of character to the busy coastal city of Dalian.

The main section of the conference center boasts a 1600-seat theater and concert venue. The largest meeting room can hold up to 2,500 people, but can be easily adapted into a banquet hall, art gallery, or additional seating for the concert hall.

Here's Coop Himmelb(l)au on the project:

The building has both to reflect the promising modern future of Dalian and its tradition as an important port, trade, industry and tourism city. The formal language of the project combines and merges the rational structure and organization of its modern conference center typology with the floating spaces of modernist architecture.

Check out more angles on the Dalian International Conference Center in the gallery below.

Via Dezeen

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