AAA unveils emergency charging truck for electric cars

Last month, a New York Times reporter sparked an online feud with Tesla founder Elon Musk by posting a review claiming that the company's Model S electric sedan ran out of juice mid-trip, leaving him stranded on the side of the road. Since then, Musk has claimed that the review cost the company $100 million in cancelled orders, but a new development might prove to ease the concerns of any would-be Tesla owners. 

The Washington branch of AAA (the American Automobile Association) has just unveiled a truck that offers roadside charging for electric vehicles with depleted batteries. This means that electric vehicle drivers statewide will never have to worry about being stranded again, as long as they're AAA members. In addition to the Washington truck, AAA also has roadside charge available in San Francisco, Los Angles, and Portland, Oregon, all using an on-board generator powered by gasoline or alternative fuels. 

As for the amount of charge, AAA says it will provide 10 to 15 minutes of charge time to members, enough to get them to a charging station within 3 to 15 miles. AAA plans to roll out the service in Tampa Bay, Florida and Knoxville, Tennessee in the near future. 

Via New Scientist

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