Video: First-person parkour gangster steals a teleportation device

Just in case you're of the mind to skip ahead, be warned that while this video is pretty much safe for work, it does get a bit violent in terms of special effects. So if Tarantino-style gangster splatters aren't considered acceptable at your current location, you might want to wait before hitting play. With that out of the way, let's dig into one of the most awesome music videos we've ever seen. 

Created for Russian indie-punk band Biting Elbows, the music video was directed by band member Ilya Naishuller and filmed by Sergey Valyaev. Shot from the perspective of a first-person parkour practitioner, the video looks like a live-action sequence from Mirror's Edge, only with everyone dressed like a character from Reservoir Dogs. The plot is simple: gangsters are about to kill our hero when suddenly, he makes a break for it and steals a teleportation device. 

Chased by an army of suited thugs armed to the teeth, from then on every second offers increasingly difficult and interesting escape tactics. Basically, this video has everything: kung-fu, attack dogs, rooftop acrobatics, badass old school Russian jets, bikini-clad extras, elevator shaft diving, and, of course, awesome teleportation effects. 

The stunt work alone is enough to make this worth watching, but by adding well-crafted science fiction story elements, the video becomes an instant indie classic that leaves you wondering what a full-length movie from these guys might look like. You can check out full-length video below. 

Via Vimeo

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