Rube Goldberg video shows off YouTube's new Japanese studio

YouTube recently opened a studio in Tokyo designed to allow local video producers to stretch their wings and use high-end tools to come up with ever more creative ideas for the site. The result is a facility called YouTube Space Tokyo, and to kick off the launch of several shows, the producers came up with their own kind of Rube Goldberg video.

The video starts off with that classic, quirky Japanese TV host over-the-top style you've probably seen somewhere before, and then brings the viewers into the bowels of the Tokyo YouTube studios via the Rube Goldberg mechanism. We get to meet an array of oddball characters and interesting show hosts, but we would be remiss if we didn't point out that this is not a "true" Rube Goldberg display because at several points, individuals literally stop the forward motion of the device and either pose, talk, or otherwise show off their particular talents.

Of course the interruptions make sense in that the video is designed to help promote the video producers' shows, but the overall energy of the production loses a good deal of impact every time the Rube Goldberg machine — which was actually very well executed — is interrupted by another human component.

Nevertheless, there are enough beautifully geeky moments in this production that it's worth the ride, assuming you can put up with the occasional show host vamping. According to one of the producers, the entire video took four days of building sets, shooting video, and editing footage to complete. You can check out the entire presentation in the video below.

Via YouTube

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