Photographer vows to visit all 788 Facebook friends

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Ty Morin is a Connecticut-based photographer embarking on an ambitious project — he's planning to track down and photograph each one of his 788 Facebook friends. Here's a brief summary of the intriguing idea in Morin's own words:

"My plan is to take five new portraits every week. In order to finish every portrait, it will take approximately three years. Chances are, I'll run into a few speed bumps along the way. Those little setbacks may come from people needing to reschedule a shoot; or my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, Montana. Either way, no worries— I'll roll with the punches, making this my number one priority until it's Sundance material."

This isn't the first pledge of its kind. Back in 2011, a woman suffering from agoraphobia decided to leave home and ended up visiting 13 different countries and nearly all of her 325 Facebook friends.

Morin's plan is a bit different, though. Rather than resolving to conquer a personal fear, Morin hopes to document passion — the thing that makes each person tick. Maybe it's their job or a hobby that takes up a big chunk of free time. Whatever it is, that's what he will capture in each image he takes.

An unwieldly 8x10 studio "accordion" camera will accompany him on the road and he also plans to supplement the still images with video footage. A quick snapshot with a digital camera is "barely enough time for a handshake" and Morin wants to spend quality time with each participant.

Last we checked, he had 237 backers on Kickstarter with donations totaling $13,033. There are only 6 days left to contribute to his photo/video series dubbed "Friend Request: Accepted," but he's already way over his original fund goal of $5,000. Click here to donate — just $5 lands your name in the film's credits.

Kickstarter and Ty Morin, via NY Daily News

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