Gallery: Artist Christo shows off his Big Air Package

The Bulgarian artist Christo is known for his monumental but temporary works of art, which in the past have included wrapping a group of islands near Miami with pink fabric and closing off a valley in Colorado using a quarter-mile long curtain.

His latest work involves filling a gigantic disused gas storage tank in Germany with a huge self-supporting fabric dome. Visitors can walk inside the inflated structure, to get a "unique experience of space, proportions and light."

As with all of Christo's works, the scale of Big Air Package is hard to wrap your head around. Built using 220,000 square feet of transluscent white fabric, the structure is 300 feet high and 165 feet across. The 6.25 million cubic feet of air contained within the structure is fed using two large fans, and the whole thing is kept in place using three miles of rope.

Christo insists that his works have no hidden meaning, and the goal is to simply make an impression on the visitor. Unlike other artists however, the works are always temporary, so no art collector can claim to own a Christo original.

If you want to experience Big Air Package for yourself, it will be open to the public in Oberhausen, Germany until December 30 this year.

Check out the gallery to see Big Air Package both during construction and after completion, and the video which shows how it was put together.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude, via Gizmodo

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