Design hack lets you search Google in the style of Mad Men

Long before even those ancient 14.4 dial-up modems and IRC (Internet Relay Chat), there was a time when computers were the size of entire rooms and data was delivered via rectangular cardboard punch cards full of holes. Inspired by those early days of computing, a coder and designer has decided to imagine what Google might have looked like if it existed back in the days when IBM was king and life was like Mad Men.

Created by Vienna-based designer Norbert Landsteiner, the art project is titled Google60: Search Mad Men Style. The site allows users to type a series of search queries onto punch cards using a virtual old school keyboard. Those cards are then "processed" as the sounds of an IBM 129 keypunch and a Teletype Model ASR 33 whir in the background. 

Afterwards, the user is presented with a virtual printout of results from the "Gabby Ontology Operated Grader and Linguistical Extrapolator" (Google), with several options to return results as text, images, or news. Clicking one of those buttons brings up a virtual Control Data 607 tape drive, which does a good bit of tossing and turning after which the user's results are displayed via virtual printout.

Landsteiner is careful to point out that the project isn't affiliated with Google or AMC's Mad Men, but it's so visually polished and works so well it would be understandable if someone mistook this for an official project. You can try your hand at crunching data old school-style here, and get a preview of how it works in the video below. 

Via LoopInsight

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