Apollo 11 rocket engines recovered after 44 years in the Atlantic

Credit: Bezos Expeditions

Almost a year after announcing that his ocean exploration team had found the location where the Apollo 11 F-1 rockets were resting in the Atlantic Ocean, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has proudly announced they've successfully recovered "enough major components to fashion displays of two flown F-1 engines."

Over the last three weeks, Bezos and his exploration team have been using remotely operated vehicles to raise the F-1 rocket engine parts from a depth of over 14,000 feet.

Why did it take so long for someone to recover the rockets that helped blast Apollo 11 to the Moon in 1969? Well, as we said previously, NASA didn't design the rockets to be recovered or reused. This is just a case of a rich space enthusiast who's interested in helping preserve history (kinda like that other rich dude).

Although the recovered parts appear to be missing their original serial numbers, Bezos is hopeful they'll find them as his team works to restore the F-1 components to "stabilize the hardware and prevent further corrosion."

We can't wait to see the fully restored rocket engines when they get put on display. Bezos' incredible photos can be found in the gallery below.

Via Bezos Expeditions

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