Rumor: T-Mobile to end contracts

Credit: Image via Mobilized

The world of cell phones is constantly changing, and T-Mobile could soon be announcing a bit of a game changer. As anyone with a cell phone knows, the most annoying part about the devices is the contracts that come along with them. T-Mobile could be moving toward a contract-free system as early as March 24.

The biggest problem with a plan like this would be the price of actual cell phones, so the company would offer an installment plan to make it a little easier on customers.

In December, the company announced plans to carry Apple products, which is a major step for a carrier. Breaking company lines is not traditional, and moving to zero contracts would be an even larger step away from the traditional set-up.

As should be clear from the diction here, this is nothing more than rumors at the moment, but they seem pretty substantiated by TmoNews.

Via The Verge

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