Here's a chair that destroys itself

Credit: Image via Creative Applications

The most frustrating thing about chairs is their unerring long-term capacity for usages, said pretty much no one ever. Except, maybe, a group of ECAL students participating in the world-wide art and engineering competition The Deconstruction. They created a chair that allows eight uses (i.e. eight periods of a person sitting on it) before it self-destructs.

The DRM Chair has a small sensor which can detect when someone sits in it, and each time that person stands up, it knocks one off its counter. Once that counter, which is set while building said chair, hits zero, then all bets are off. Well, at least all sitting is off. The chair then melts all of its own structural joints and all the pieces clatter to the floor.

Why? It’s a pretty solid question, considering, but the only real response would be “why not?” Check out a video below.

Via Creative Applications

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DRM CHAIR from thibault brevet on Vimeo.