Video: All kinds of stuff exploding at 2,500 frames per second

Credit: Dumt & Farligt

Destroying stuff and recording the process with super slow-motion cameras never gets old. Danish TV show Dumt & Farligt (Stupid & Dangerous) is up to no good again after last year's epic video of exploding objects went viral. For season two, the production crew are using cameras capable of recording footage at 2,500 frames per second, so that you can see the destruction in detailed clarity.

With a name like Stupid & Dangerous, you can be sure anything goes. Highlights from the explosion reel include blowing up 2.8 tons of wine gum with dynamite, dropping a ceramic piggy bank on a lawn mower's blade, boiling glass jars filled with potatoes on stoves until they rocket off, and destroying a camper with gas and sparks. But the watermelon self-destructing from the pressure of 187 rubber bands is easily my favorite.

And it's all done for the sake of fun! As always, don't try any of the stuff you see in the video below at home, or you might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.

Via YouTube

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