More postcards displaying Google's warped vision of reality

Apple has received its fair share of jabs over its maps application, which sometimes delivers incorrect address data and even displays oddly warped imagery of certain locations. And while Google's mapping data is widely hailed as the better option, the company's Google Earth product has its own visual glitches, a discovery one designer has been highlighting since 2001 as an art project called Postcards from Google Earth

Artist Clement Valla scours the virtual hills and valleys of Google Earth to uncover a wealth of surrealist images that look like scenes from an alternate, bizarro universe of melting highways and awkwardly positioned bridges. However, according to Valla, these seemingly incongruous images don't represent mistakes, but rather offer a truer perspective of Google's topographic data represented in a unique manner. 

Valla says, "I also call these images postcards to cast myself as a tourist in the temporal and virtual space—a space that exists digitally for a moment, and may perhaps never be reconstituted again by any computer." The entire series of postcards, from 2011 to 2013, are viewable on Valla's site, but you can check out a few of our favorite images in the gallery below.  

Via DesignBoom

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