'I'm a Mac' actor to play Steve Jobs in comedy film

Whether you're a Mac fan or a diehard Windows user, you probably remember the old Apple commercials featuring Justin Long as a Mac and John Hodgman as a PC. Those quietly hilarious commercial spots highlighted the perennial battle between the two computing cultures, with Apple usually coming out as the winner at the end of each ad. Now Long, the guy who became the most recognizable face of Apple, second only to Steve Jobs himself, will appear as the late CEO in a new comedy film titled iSteve.

Produced by comedy site Funny or Die, the film's impending online release, scheduled for April 15, was revealed by the New York Times this weekend. The idea for the film originated from a plan the producers had to create a humorous fake trailer for a Steve Jobs movie. That trailer project expanded into a full-length film, and now we may be treated to what could turn out to be the most endearing, albeit not entirely accurate, cinematic nod to Jobs yet.

The role of Bill Gates will be played by James Urbaniak (The Office, The Venture Bros.) who said, via his Twitter account, "The irony is that I auditioned for but didn't get the Bill Gates role in Pirates of Silicon Valley." The role of Jobs' early partner at Apple, Steve Wozniak, will be played by Jorge Garcia, the affable and rotund geek from television's Lost.

This is just the latest in a series of Steve Jobs films slated for release, but the producers of this comedic version are quick to point out that iSteve will be the "first" film about the Apple CEO since his passing in 2011. So far there's no trailer for the film available, so we'll have to wait a few weeks to get our first look at Long as Jobs.

However, one thing is certain: If Hodgman — who has recently reinvented himself as the Deranged Millionaire — does not appear as Steve Ballmer, or some other villainous arch enemy of Jobs, this film will have missed an opportunity for comedy gold.

Via The New York Times

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