Gallery: Detailed shots of different aircraft underbellies

Credit: Jeffrey Milstein

Who would have guessed that the nether regions of aircraft come out so well on film? Apparently, American photographer Jeffrey Milstein had a hunch, because he put together a whole gallery of images that show off aircraft from a perspective that we're only used to seeing from about 30,000 feet away. Milstein took shots of various aircraft from directly underneath and the detail is really wonderful.

Here's Milstein on his work:

In this portfolio I explore a typology of the varied cruciform shapes of jet aircraft flying precisely overhead as if frozen in space. I have decontextualized these highly detailed photographs to express the complexity and beauty of form. That these giant conglomerations of aluminum, can gracefully lift from earth is amazing. That they can return safely some hours later on another part of the globe is even more amazing. My aircraft photographs are an attempt to capture that sense of beauty and wonder but also the vulnerability that we all feel in today’s world.

His series of shots is called Aircraft: The Jet as Art and they will all be on display at The AIPAD Photography Show in New York from April 4-7. Take a peek at some samples of his work in the gallery below.

designboom, via My Modern Met

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