Video: 14-round Oreo shotgun annihilates the cream off the cookie

Credit: Joerg Sprave

People keep coming up with imaginative ways of separating an Oreo's cream from its cookie. Now, custom slingshot master extraordinaire Joerg Sprave has his own take on the trend: an Oreo shotgun.

Taking a break from building deadly slingshots, Sprave has turned his attention to ripping Oreos apart. His "Oreo Separation Pump Gun" fires off a full clip of 14 cookies in pump-action mode and is capable of piercing through cardboard boxes. Oreos can be launched as full cookie rounds or sliced clean in half after a dual razor blade add-on is attached, effectively separating the cream and cookie.

There's a reason we like Sprave and his badass wooden weapons: he always has a smile on his face when he's destroying stuff. You can't help but like his happy go-getter attitude. Check out his Oreo-destroying shotgun in his video below. It'll make you want to waste an entire box of Oreos.

Via YouTube

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