Google to publish e-book series based on its AR game 'Ingress'

Wouldn't if be kind of ironic if a major corporation with its hands on all the world's most valuable data, capable of predicting disease trends, or even when you're most likely to travel to Paris, created an augmented reality game based on the notion of a secret group working to uncover a global conspiracy? Well, it's happened. The company is Google, and the game is called Ingress

We covered the launch of this augmented reality game for Android devices late last year, and since then user interest has steadily increased. Now Niantic Labs, Google's internal startup team responsible for the game, is working on releasing a series of e-books based on the game called The Alignment.

Written by best-selling author Thomas Greanias, the first 150-page novella will follow the exploits of characters from the game and will be released via the Google Play store on April 2. All of the books will also be published in hardcover, and the e-books will eventually be distributed to other book sellers outside of the Google Play store.

So, just to be absolutely clear: Google now publishes original science fiction. You can check out the trailer for the game in the video below. 

Via PaidContent

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