Advance Mission beta event brings early entry to the world of Defiance

This a sponsored post for Syfy, DVICE's parent company.

Both incarnations of Defiance loom large on the horizon (the show premieres April 15 at 9/8c, with the game set to go live April 2), but the chance to play in the post-apocalyptic, alien-infused world Syfy has created is still frustratingly out of reach — or, at least, it has been until now. Trion, the developers of the Defiance game, have announced a series of beta events that will give gamers on multiple platforms the chance to get an early taste of the action. 

The schedule of beta events is as follows:

  • PC: March 22 - March 24
  • PS3: March 19 - March 25
  • Xbox 360: March 25 - March 26

There are two ways to sign up: Anyone who pre-orders the game is granted automatic access to the beta (along with a bunch of other in-game goodies). Gamers who don't wish to pre-order can still enlist by visiting Trion's beta site here.

Good luck, ark hunters.

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