Who says flying cars need wings and jet engines?

Credit: Peter McCollough/Wired

Yogi Berra famously said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” And he wasn’t lying, at least not in the realm of flying cars. It’s 2013, for Pete’s sake. Where are they?

Good question. And the answer, at least for the time being, is Oakland, California. The follow-up question would probably be, “What do they look like?” We’ve got an answer for that too, though it might seem a little odd, because it looks like a 1959 El Camino. Mostly because it’s a 1959 El Camino.

Bruce Tomb's "flying car" (officially named the "Maria del Camino") is comprised of two parts: a 1959 El Camino on top and a hydraulic array down below that takes it up off the ground, and stands it upright. The aircraft vehicle also has, on its hood, a portrait of the robot woman from Metropolis.

OK, so maybe it isn’t exactly the flying car we all hoped for. But it’s a car, and it lifts into the air. You can see a video of the "flying" car in action here. C’mon people. We gotta start somewhere.

Via Wired

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