Here's the best way to avoid texting and driving

Most adults know texting while driving can have serious consequences. Adults in Belgium, in particular, have left little to the imagination when it comes to their feelings on texting while driving. But all the PSAs in the world might not be enough to stop some people, so various companies have been working on ways to curb texting while driving.

Some take the approach of blocking text signals while one is in the car, but the ORIGOSafe takes a much more heavy-handed approach. The device, which is a small rectangular box that looks straight out of the 80s, is a particular hellacious device for those bent on texting and driving. You can’t start your car without plugging your phone into the device. And once you’re driving, don’t expect to take it off. If you do, an alarm will sound, and it’ll alert the system administrator (think a parent or some such).

It does allow for phone calls via Bluetooth, and if you’ve got the parking brake engaged with the car idling, then you’re allowed to remove the device completely.

This auto prison of safety costs $279 plus installation. We’ll go pretty far to ignore self-control.

Via Discovery

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