How about a 3D interactive map of the Internet?

Credit: PEER 1

Mapping the Internet isn’t exactly a new thing to do, but it remains astoundingly cool pretty much every time it’s done. And PEER 1’s app that offers a 3D visualization of the Internet and all its autonomous systems across the world (and their connections) might be the coolest one we’ve seen yet.

The app does just that: offers a 3D visualization of the Internet. What makes it more exciting is the timeline component of the app, which allows you to see the Internet before, during and after the launches of major sites like Google and Facebook. Using an algorithm, it goes so far as to show a model of what the Internet will probably look like in 2020.

It also allows you to trace the route between connections, such as your ISP and your alma mater’s website. Or whatever. Imagination on your part is what can make this more or less amazing.

Via PEER 1

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