Virtual mask app lets you try on anyone's face without surgery

Now that video chat is no longer a technology dominated by early adopters, developers are coming up with a number of ways to enhance the experience for the mainstream. One such enhancement comes in the form of a new app from Yahoo Japan that allows users to put on a fully functioning virtual mask.   

The app is called Face Stealer, and it lets you adopt the face of any person or character in real-time, as a virtual mask maps the your facial expressions and head movements onto an image overlay. Users can take an existing photo of a face from the Internet, use the app's default image masks, or snap a photo of a friend and instantly begin using that face on an iPad or iPhone.

The demonstration presentation includes the user putting on the faces of anime characters, the face of George Washington on the dollar bill, the face of a friend standing nearby, and the face of U.S. president Barack Obama. Although still rough around the edges, the effect is rather impressive.

Yahoo Japan is reportedly considering integrating this app into a video chat application, a function that could open up a number of possibilities in anonymous (or hilarious) video conferencing. You can try on a few new faces yourself by downloading Face Stealer for free here

Via DigInfo

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