Lego nut builds machine to fold paper airplanes and launch 'em

Credit: Hknssn

There is literally nothing that can't be built with Lego. Case in point: this motorized Lego machine that folds paper airplanes and launches them into the air. Created by YouTube user "Hknssn," the fully-automated machine was built using two Lego Mindstorms NXT sets and five NXT Servo motors.

The 150-centimeter long and 40-centimeter wide machine uses motorized rollers to pull paper from a tray and then roll it along the system where it's folded. A compressor at the end then helps launch the planes.

In its current design, Hknssn says his Lego device can launch planes up to three meters (about nine feet), but with a little revising — perhaps using this guy's design — it may be possible to build a model that launches as far as 10 meters (about 35 feet). Now, that would be impressive, and damned fun.

Also, in the video below, the footage is sped up three times normal speed. While it's still pretty cool, we seriously hope Hknssn can make the actual Lego machine fold the planes faster. Otherwise, what's the point if we can just fold more planes by hand? Robots exist only to be better at manual tasks than humans!

YouTube, via The Presurfer

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