How to build your own Oculus Rift and dive into virtual reality

Credit: Rod Furlan

I haven't personally tried the Oculus Rift myself, but our very own Evan Ackerman did at CES and walked away with his mind blown. For those people who don't want to plop down $300 for a developer kit and wait for it to ship, you can just build your own Oculus Rift.

Road To VR published a step-by-step guide by Bit Cortex's Rod Furlan detailing how to build what is essentially the Oculus Rift. In an email with RoadTo VR's Ben Lang, DVICE was told that Furlan's guide isn't meant to help builders save money (although, some folks may be able to find all the parts for under $300 total), it's more aimed at teaching DIY-ers how virtual reality and the Oculus Rift works.

Furlan's guide is pretty handy, and lists all of the tools and components you'll need, as well as places you can buy them from. The most expensive piece is probably going to be the 5.6-inch LCD screen, which can cost anywhere between $110 and $200, depending on its make.

Furlan estimates experienced DIY-ers can build the DIY Oculus Rift in about two hours, but first-timers or newbies will probably have to spend a weekend getting all the bits together. If you follow all of the instructions carefully, you should end up with something that looks like this, which is more or less what the first Oculus Rift prototype looked like:

It's a crude virtual reality head-mounted display, but who cares? It's not like you'll be looking at the outside of the DIY Oculus Rift when you put it on your face. For the full guide, hit up Road To VR and get building!

Via Road To VR

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