HealthKeep social network changes how we view healthcare

Keeping track of medical information for yourself and your family can be an arduous task. And if something is missing from your records, it can become nearly impossible to recall the particular ailment, surgery, medication, etc., in question. Physicians keep files for their use, but there must be a more convenient way for patients themselves to organize their personal medical histories. What about a social health network, eh?

That's what HealthKeep CEO and founder Dr. Lyle J. Dennis has created. Not only can you get a comprehensive snapshot of your health at any given time, you can join a social community of other folks who are interested in similar topics. According to HealthKeep's website:

"HealthKeep maintains active profiles for nearly all the one million practicing physicians in the United States. You can add any and all of your doctors to your profile. Then you will be able to receive any general announcements or news those doctors wish to present."

Interesting. So doctors and patients alike can join and share tips, information, news articles and more related to healthcare.

Obviously, privacy is a huge concern here, but the site states that, "HealthKeep is fully HIPAA-secure and uses the same digital security as hospitals." Anyone can register with an anonymous username, so it's kinda like the HIPAA-compliant healthcare version of Facebook.

This is definitely an intriguing idea that has the potential to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Visit HealthKeep for more details.

Via HealthKeep

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