Astronomy hotel resort makes space a part of your vacation

Credit: James Florio

City dwellers are often surprised when they travel to the countryside, look up, and suddenly see billions of stars twinkling clearly in the night sky. This view, often obscured when looking at the night sky from a large city due to the competing artificial light, can now be enjoyed at a hotel resort specifically geared toward budding astronomers looking to get away from it all.

The Hotel Elqui Domos, located in the remote confines of Elqui Valley, Chile, offers the ultimate Earth-based vacation for space fans by housing guests in geodesic dome rooms with skylights that afford an unobstructed view of the night sky teeming with distant stars. In addition to the domes, the facility also includes four specially designed wooden observatory rooms, and a standard astronomic observatory featuring two electronic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes that guests can use to take a closer look at the stars blanketing the night sky.

Thankfully, this amazing facility is actually affordable, with rooms going for just $150 per night during peak season. You can get a better look at Hotel Elqui Domos thanks to a stunning time-lapse short film created by photographer James Florio in the video below. 

Via Yatzer

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